Pond Filters - Laguna Powerclear Multi 7000 - Internal

Pond Filters - Laguna Powerclear Multi 7000 - Internal
Product CodeFIL047
Manufacturer Laguna, GERMANY
Market PriceS$350.00

  • Internal Pump + Filter + UVC system
  • All in One. Pond size upto 7000 L 
  • UVC Power: 9W

Internal Pond Filters - Laguna Powerclear Multi 7000 (Made in Germany)

The Easy way to a clear and healthy pond

Simple to install and maintain, with just one power cord. Creating striking water features in minutes.

1. Unique 2 level suction pulls pond water through debris shield cage.

2. Maniacal filter foam removes dirt and debris.

3. Bio brick promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

4. Powerful 9w UV-C lamps kill algae, eliminating green water.

5. Clean healthy water returns to the pond or water feature.

6. Multiple fountain head options.

Product features:

* Powerful, high performance, easy clean pump

* Strainer cage protects impeller & assures continuous suction.  

* Light indicator safely shows that UV lamp is working

* Safety interlock switch protects against human contact with UV light.

* Dual control divert er valves for independent waterfall and fountain flow control.

* Telescopic riser stem with vertical and horizontal pivoting for easy levelling.

* Two fountain head options

* Movable parts,  colour coded for easy maintenance.

  • Can we place this filter inside the pond water?
  • Can we connect filter outlet to my spout / fountain?
  • Does this filter comes with pump?
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