UV Clarifier: Hailea Ultra violet Sterilizer 9W

UV Clarifier: Hailea Ultra violet Sterilizer 9W
Product CodeFIL045
Manufacturer Hailea
Market PriceS$85.00

  • External UVC filter
  • Removes pond Algae. 
  • UVC Power: 9W

UV Clarifier - Hailea Ultra Violet Sterilizer 9w

The Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC) continues to form a key element of a clear water system. The UV light causes algae (green water) to clump together (flocculate) so that they can be sieved out of the water by a filter. Simple to install and extremely easy to clean and maintain.

The UVC Lamp installed in the unit is intended to kill algae and bacteria in the pond water

The efficient UVC lamp has a long service life

Ultra Violet Clarifier to be used with existing or new pond pump.

The stepped hose connectors are suitable to connect to various components.

UV lamp wattage: 9w.

  • Can we place this filter inside the pond water?
    No. This is external filter, should be placed outside and above the pond water level.
  • Can we connect filter outlet to my spout / fountain?
  • Does this filter comes with pump?
  • Can purchase UV bulb separately?
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