Pond Filter - Aqumedi Super Zeolite 1 kg

Pond Filter - Aqumedi Super Zeolite 1 kg
Product CodeFIL016
Manufacturer Aquamedi
Market PriceS$12.00

  • Zeolite for Koi Pond filter
  • Absorbs toxic amaonia. 
  • Quantity: 1 Kg

Super Zeolite - 1 Kg

Aqumedi Super Zeolite – Ammonia free

Absorbs toxic ammonia in fresh and blackish water caused by fish waste and decaying food.

Clarifies and cleansing the water while creating an excellent biological filter bed. Superior filter bed medium for internal, external and pond filters.

To recharge the Super Zeolite – Mix 454 gm Aquori Wonder salt to a gallon of water and soak Zeolite in this saline solution for 24 hours to remove trapped ammonia. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Product weight: 1 kg

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