Artificial Landscape turf - SunTurf Green - 20mm -fake grass for balcony and garden

SunTurf SKU: ATU031
Artificial Landscape turf - SunTurf Green - 20mm -fake grass for balcony and garden
Artificial Landscape turf - SunTurf Green - 20mm -fake grass for balcony and garden

Artificial Landscape turf - SunTurf Green - 20mm -fake grass for balcony and garden

SunTurf SKU: ATU031
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UV Resistance Safe for Kids & Pets
Good for outdoor / Indoor
Sun Turf Green 20mm – Grass from FIFA, FIH, and SGS certified Manufacturer.

Sun Turf Green 20mm is a premium product made with high-performance quality yarns. it comes with perfect matte color with field and lime green interlaced, which effectively avoids the reflection of the strong sunshine and prevents glare. Additionally, it is antipollution, anti-sunburn, ensuring wide applications in private home decoration and industrial outdoor landscaping projects. Highly suitable for outdoor & indoor use, UV-protected heavy metal-free, pet and child friendly. Suitable for any garden wanting a durable yet low maintenance lawn presenting the look and feel of natural grass. Perfect for around pools, patios, and decks or for high usage or low light or anywhere requiring a lush, green, low maintenance lawn.

Certifications Achieved: FIH, UV test, PONY Heavy metal test, SGS heavy metal test, SGS fire test, SGS mold test

Features: Landscaping artificial turf, Heat-proof, Frost-proof, UV-proof, Environmentally. Application: Landscaping areas, rooftop, indoor, outdoor.

Colour Three colour. Emerald green & Olive Green
Composition Polyethylene and Propene Polymer
Fiber type Monofilament and curl fibers
Fiber width 0.9 mm, 0.6mm
Dtex 11600
Pile Height 20 mm
Gauge 3/8 inch
Stitches 18000/ sq mt
Grass infill Additional Infill Sand or SBR granules not required
Primary Backing PP and PP
Secondary Packing Latex
Turf Weight 2658 gm/ sq mt
Roll size
Standard Width 2 m
Roll length 1mt to 25 m
Fire Resistance DIN 51960 Class 1
Water Drainage =2000mm/h
Hole Diameter 4-8mm
Holes per Sqm 60-80
Application playground, school, roof, landscape, outdoor all-purpose
Tools required to trim Penknife

Grass Overview:

Optional products required for outdoor installation: Drainage cells, Geotextile fabric, Sand or Fine gravel

Benefits & installation of artificial grass

  • Lawns & Landscapes:
  • UV resistance
  • Heavy metal-free, safe for pets and child
  • Maintenance-friendly; mowing and edge cutting are in the past
  • No seasonal color changes
  • resists intensive use
  • Excellent resilience properties
  • No watering and fertilizing required
  • No weed/moss growth
  • Always good drainage, no muddy patches
  • Easy to clean
  • does not stimulate allergies

Installation Options:

1. Install on the Cemented surface:

Glue all the sides and joints using double-sided tape and stick on cemented or tiled surfaces.

2. Install on the cemented surface with drainage cell:

This method is helpful where drainage required.

Step 1: Clean the floor.

Step 2: Lay drainage cells and lock them firmly,

Step 3: Lay artificial grass on the drainage cell bed and glue it firmly.

3. Install on Soil surface / Garden:

Step 1: Excavate and remove existing soil for about 5 cm and make the necessary gradient.

Step 2: Apply gravel for about 5 cm and level it.

Step 3: Apply sand for about 3 cm and level it.

Step 4: Lay grass

Step 5: Glue all the joints using double-sided tape

Step 6: Use U shape turf pins to secure all the edges and joints

Step 7: Apply minimal sand on grass and spread it if necessary.

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